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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Christchurch land damage plan: Q and A

Christchurch land damage plan: Q and A

Thu, 23 Jun 2011 2:39p.m.

By staff

Green Zone

This is the ‘go zone’. There are no significant land issues and rebuild or repair work can begin immediately. The Government says people living in this area should continue to work with their insurance companies.
  • 100,000 properties are in this zone
  • Residents are reminded to be wary of future aftershocks
Orange Zone

This is the ‘hold zone’. New damage has occurred to land in these areas since the June 13 quake ranging from moderate to severe. The Government says they will be assessing this land over the coming months.
  • 10,500 properties are in this zone
  • Areas in this zone could be reclassified as green or red
  • Progress on this zone will be announced in coming months
Red Zone

Suburbs in the red zone have extensive land damage and building repair would be uneconomical and time consuming.
  • 5,100 properties are in this zone
  • 8 weeks approximately until residents can expect an offer from the Government on their land and property 
  • $485 million – $635 million is how much it will cost the Government if all properties and land is purchased
  • Residents have two options in the red zone:
1) Crown makes offer for entire property at current rating value
2) Crown makes offer on land, homeowners deal with property through insurers

White Zone

This is unzoned areas such as the Port Hills and central business district that have suffered further damage since the February and June quakes.
  • Mapping and assessments have had to start again
  • Residents should remain in contact with EQC

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