Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gap Filler #2 - 63 Worcester Boulevard

Again, the website for Gap Filler is here.  I don't see anything more on their website so maybe it was an idea which wasn't really taking hold, or was on hiatus for some other reason....?  It wasn't very well advertised, for one thing, as I am only just hearing about it now, now that we can't get into the central city at all.  :-(

From the website:

Photographs documenting architectural change in East Germany after the wall

While travelling around East Germany in 1990 - after the fall of the Wall but before reunification - Stefan Koppelkamm found himself wanting to take photographs that would capture a state of affairs he assumed would never recur.

Ten or twelve years later, he sought all these places out again and photographed them for a second time, from exactly the same viewpoints. The pairs of images produced like this show that many of the locations have undergone profound changes.

This exhibition is especially poignant for Christchurch at time of rapid redevelopment, when many people are asking the exact questions: "What will, or what should, our city look like in ten or twelve years' time?"


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