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Thursday, March 24, 2011

37 buildings on 'critical list'

37 buildings on 'critical list'

Last updated 05:00 24/03/2011
Thirty-seven multi-storey buildings in central Christchurch are on a "critical list", with at least six to be demolished.

However, Civil Defence is refusing to identify the buildings.

Yesterday, Civil Defence said 37 building were on the list, including structures that either housed important infrastructure, were located on significant access routes or posed a danger to other buildings.

All building were at least six storeys high.

Most had already been red-stickered.

Of these, six building have been recommended for demolition.

Another three would probably have to come down after being stabilised.

Eight of the buildings could be repaired, 13 buildings did not require "immediate action by Civil Defence" and seven were still being assessed.

The Press understands that Civil Defence remains wary of working around "critical" buildings, with concerns that vibrations from work at other sites could cause a collapse.

In a statement yesterday, Civil Defence said it could not name the buildings until the owners had been contacted.

On Monday, a Civil Defence spokeswoman told The Press she was not aware a list existed.

Many of Christchurch's major buildings, including Forsyth Barr, Clarendon Towers and BNZ House, have been red-stickered, but it is unclear if they are on the critical list.

A red sticker does not necessarily mean a building will be demolished.

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