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Friday, March 25, 2011

Street party to get Sumner rocking again

Street party to get Sumner rocking again

Last updated 09:42 26/03/2011
Sumner residents will be toasting themselves tonight with a street party to celebrate their resilience and welcome back their earthquake refugees.

Surf shop Urban Surf often held fundraisers to support local causes, but this time it was dropping a letter to hold a community "fun raiser".

"It's about lifting community spirit," owner Jo Hockham said.

"We're just doing a bit of a get- together to see who's here and who's not here."

"We're having a BBQ, drinks. It's really a get-together for families and friends."

The party was for all ages, and, starting at 5pm, would spread from the shop's courtyard on Marriner St. Several musicians had been booked and children from Sumner School planned to perform.

Hockham said the village was starting to hum again, but was yet to reach pre-quake normality.

"Nothing's really open around here," she said.

"It's probably a chance for people to catch up and see who's back."

Community spirit was crucial while Christchurch was without its central city.

"You've got to dig in a bit. Town is gone but the community, the suburbs, we're going to be good."

Sumner resident Lydia Heard had spent time in Blenheim since the quake and backed the street- party idea.

"I think it's a great idea for the community," she said.

"I think people need an excuse to celebrate. When everyone is coming back you feel a bit more positive about it all."

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