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Thursday, March 31, 2011

'Pragmatic' Christchurch clean air enforcement

'Pragmatic' Christchurch clean air enforcement

Last updated 19:18 31/03/2011
Keeping Christchurch people warm is more important then smoky chimneys, Environment Canterbury says.

Christchurch's extraordinary circumstances following the February 22 quake meant the organisation was prioritising warm homes over cleaner air, Ecan spokesman Kim Drummond said.

Ecan understood many people were facing difficult situations at home and the last thing they should worry about was whether their home heating complied with Christchurch's clean air rules, he said.

"We are enabling people to put their health and comfort at home first as we will be taking a very pragmatic approach to the clean air rules this year," he said.

Ecan realised people had to make the best of whatever heating was available.

"People may still make complaints to us about smoky chimneys and we will of course respond but we will use our judgment and tact when working with people in these situations," he said.

Clean air rules apply from April 1 to September 30 in Christchurch and apply throughout the year in Kaiapoi.

Flues and chimneys and other heating sources should be checked before use, he said.

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