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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Russell Crowe's plea for Christchurch

Russell Crowe's plea for Christchurch

Last updated 16:19 23/03/2011
New Zealand-born Hollywood superstar Russell Crowe has fronted an appeal to help victims of the Christchurch earthquake.

Crowe, the Australian-based star of films like Gladiator and Romper Stomper, stars in a 67-second YouTube video in an effort to raise funds for the government's Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

"Christchurch needs its mates, whether they happen to be here in New Zealand, or across the ditch, or on the other side of the world," a stony-faced Crowe says in the video after talking about how his family once lived there.

"Your donation to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal, no matter how big or small, will help the city as it faces the challenges ahead."

Christchurch was devastated by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake on February 22, bringing buildings tumbling down and with around 167 lives lost.

Mark Weldon, the Prime Minister's personal representative for the appeal, thanked Crowe for his support.

"We're grateful to Mr Crowe for raising awareness in this way," Weldon said.

"All who have visited Christchurch will tell you the same thing: while there is incredible resilience and positivity everywhere, the task ahead of us to rebuild the city, and community, is huge.

"The Christchurch Earthquake Appeal is a way people can make a real difference to people's lives there."

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