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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bars that are open doing well

Personal note: We stopped at Speights Ferrymead on Thursday night.  Drinks were served in plastic throwaway cups, no meals.  Electricity but no water.  A pretty good crowd, considering.  We also had lunch at Robbie's (Riccarton) on Saturday - first 'real' meal since the quake, which wasn't a simple meal prepared on the BBQ.

Bars that are open doing well

NZPA March 5, 2011, 8:25 pm
Christchurch bars still in business after last week's quake are busy, busy, some reporting a big rise in takings.

Managers say there have been no fights or excessive drinking, but police are worried about drink driving after nabbing more than 20 intoxicated drivers in the past two days.

Jim Jacques, owner of Robbies Bar and Bistro on Clarence Street, told NZPA business had risen by 100 percent since the big shake.

He said he believed the influx of drinkers was because the CBD remained closed and people were now relaxing in the outskirts of the city.

Mr Jacques said speculation that residents were drinking because of stress was "bollocks".

Others say it's for simple companionship.

Phoenix Bar and Cafe manager Bev Smith also said the Papanui venue was significantly busier, with traffic up by 50 percent.

"People want to be around other people. They don't want to stay home by themselves."

Aikmans Bar manager Kieran Turnbull agreed, saying residents want to talk to others who have been through the same experiences following the quake.

Mr Turnbull also said more people were heading to his bar because they had no access to the city centre.
"It's a fortunate and unfortunate situation."

Police say cases of drink-driving are above normal.

Superintendent Sam Hoyle: "We have enough issues in this city to deal with without adding to them.

"I reiterate the message that people need to look after each other. The last thing we need now is tragedies on our roads."

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