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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Landslide Blog

An older blog, on the Darfield quake, with some excellent information in it: The Landslide Blog

Here is part of one post (although that photo is of Redcliffs, not Sumner; Redcliffs is about 3-4 minutes from our home, going toward the city):

Boulder vs house – landslide losses in the Christchurch earthquake

A particularly badly-affected area appears to be the town of Sumner, where houses are located close to steep slopes in volcanic materials.  Several houses were damaged by rockfalls in this area, and Star Canterbury reports that 12 streets in the Redcliffs area have been evacuated as a result of concerns about rockfalls. 3News reports that the concern is that further rockfalls are occurring during aftershocks (this is very possible), but also that there may be victims located under the debris.  Probably the best depiction of this problem is this aerial image from MSNBC:

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