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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Press - Busines as Usual

Personal note: The Press has not missed an issue since the quake.  The delivery of the paper has gone ahead (at least to our suburb) and I find that just incredible.  That and the radio were our only means of information for a week, as we first had no power, second had to buy a new TV.

Quake - business as usual

Last updated 10:28 24/02/2011
It's not motoring, but just a reminder of what a great job The Press is doing. After escaping from the building, the newspaper's reporting staff have not missed an issue - literally - and the comforting "thwock" of the newspaper on driveways this morning was encouraging.
This was our department during the big shake. We were lucky, others weren't and this is probably the last we'll ever see of the inside of a building some of us have worked in for 25 years.

My motoring brief is far less important than the bailiwicks of other editors, but it has to be done for the rest of the Fairfax group, and it keeps my mind off the close shave that we had on Tuesday.

Sadly, the name of our deceased colleague has not yet been released, but our hearts go out to friends and family, and of course those 15 journalists and broadcasters trapped in the CTV building and who were far less lucky than we were.


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