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Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami-generated waves increasing in size

Tsunami-generated waves increasing in size

NZPA March 12, 2011, 9:36 am
Waves hitting New Zealand from the Japanese quake-generated tsunami have increased in height to about 40cm this morning, Civil Defence says.

The first wave arrivals were measured by coastal gauges. At Raoul Island in the Kermadecs, about 1100km northeast of New Zealand, the first arrival was recorded at 6.35am and at North Cape at 7.10am.

The initial waves were about 15cm high and increased from about 8.30am to 30-40cm.

"It is important to note that higher wave amplitudes are expected to follow in the next few hours based on modelling," Civil Defence said, following Japan's deadly 8.9-magnitude quake yesterday.

There was a marine and minor land threat only for parts of the upper North Island coasts, according to the New Zealand Tsunami Expert Panel.

Based on modelling and experience, the minor land threat -- wave heights just over 1m and with a small potential to affect beaches -- applied to Northland between Ahipara and the Karikari Peninsula as well as in the Bay of Islands and the Chatham Islands.

The marine threat -- to the coastal area and for small boats -- remained in place for the northern North Island from Kaipara to Ahipara and south of the Karikari Peninsula, around Coromandel Peninsula and Bay of Plenty to Gisborne.

People were advised to stay off beaches and out of the water, not to go sightseeing and let others know of the threat.

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