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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

World out of chemical toilets

World out of chemical toilets

Last updated 11:49 09/03/2011
Christchurch has exhausted the world's supply of chemical toilets after the devastating February 22 earthquake wreaked havoc on the city's eastern suburbs.

More than 500 people from quake hit suburbs gathered in Richmond this morning, looking for answers.

In silt-ridden Richmond Park, Civil Defence spokesman John Lovell told the crowd portaloos and chemical toilets were being distributed as quickly as possible.

"We've exhausted the world's supply of chemical toilets."

Lovell said 96 portaloos would arrive from the United States to be distributed in Christchurch's eastern suburbs this week.

The focus had also shifted, from rescue and recovery in the central city, to the well-being of quake-affected communities.

An Orion spokesman said in the Dallington and Avonside area 10 per cent of properties were still without power.
National MP Aaron Gilmore also tried to calm concerns about entire suburbs being abandoned, following Key's comments that 10,000 homes would have to be demolished.

However, he admitted plans to protect suburbs around the Avon River with underground dams could be scrapped.

"Some of those areas have dropped considerably and it may not be economic to rebuild to the same state as after September [when the city was hit by the 7.1-magnitude earthquake]."

The Earthquake Commission was this afternoon expected to make a major announcement about the claim process for those with damaged homes.

Mayor Bob Parker again praised the resilience of hard-hit communities at the meeting.

The death toll from the quake stands at 166, but is expected to rise above 200.
- The Press

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