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Friday, May 6, 2011

CTV gets a helping hand

CTV gets a helping hand

Last updated 18:57 05/05/2011
The Christchurch television company decimated by February's earthquake has received a helping hand from international and local production companies to help them get back on the air.

CTV lost 16 staff along with its back catalogue in the collapse of its building and was left with only two cars, two cameras, two tripods and about four microphones after the earthquake.

Over 14 international and nine local screen production companies have responded to a call put out by Topshelf Productions at the New Zealand Dinner held in Cannes in April during the world's largest television summit and have donate programming free of charge.

The offers have come from a variety of companies including Mark Burnett Productions, who make The Apprentice and Survivor, distributor TVF International and Network Ireland.

Topshelf Production CEO Vincent Burke, who is helping to co-ordinate the donations, says the generosity has been overwhelming.

"It has been wonderful.  People are just responding in a very genuine way, it's wonderful to see.

"It's rolling out day-by-day and it's getting better by the day...every day there are more people coming through.  They could end up with a big swag of programming, big award winning stuff.  People are not giving their dross, it's good stuff."

Approximately 200 hours of free programming have been offered from nine New Zealand companies. Great Western Entertainment (Australia) and New Zealand's Gibson Group have committed to a weekend International Family Festival.

CTV Programmer Sacha Stevens says the donations have been welcomed with open arms.

"We said yes to these offers immediately.  We've worked really hard to start from nothing and it's so encouraging to know that so many people are thinking of us and the people of Christchurch and to have received these generous and practical offers of help from offshore and from the New Zealand production industry."

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