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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Impact unified by artist

Impact unified by artist

Last updated 10:23 11/05/2011
Earthquake-inspired artwork is on show in Christchurch.

Christchurch artist Jason Kelly's exhibition was influenced by February's quake and the birth of his son just 10 days later.

Kelly also hopes to raise money for the quake-damaged Sumner Community Centre by selling some of his work.

The exhibition, Frank, Paint, Gordon and the Quake, is named after Kelly's son, Frank, the medium he uses in his work, New Zealand artist Gordon Walters and the February quake.

One work features a poem about the quake, painted on reclaimed timber. The poem was written by Kelly during a sleepless night with his son.

"I wrote the poem when I was being kept awake by a screaming baby at 2am,," he said.

The painting is a sequel to a work Kelly created after the September quake.

Proceeds from the sale of the September painting and prints were donated to the Red Cross. The painting is on display in the Christchurch City Council chambers.

The new exhibition also features paintings inspired by Walters' well-known koru symbol and a silhouette of Shag Rock cut from a beam reclaimed from the ruins of Sumner restaurant The Ruptured Duck.

Kelly plans to sell the Shag Rock artwork to raise money for the community centre.

The exhibition will be on at the L'Estrange Gallery in Sumner until June 7.

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