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Thursday, May 12, 2011

New images of damage in central Chch released

New images of damage in central Chch released

Last updated 05:00 10/05/2011

New footage of earthquake-hit central Christchurch has been released to allow residents to see "into the heart of their city".

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) released the footage yesterday. It was taken by surveying and mapping firm Terralink International last month.

Cera interim chief executive John Ombler said the videos gave residents the opportunity to understand what happened in the inner city.

"It's different to other footage people have seen because it takes people on a journey and shows you all accessible sites in the red zone," he said.

The release of the footage coincides with the city council's Share An Idea campaign, which lets people have their say about the central-city rebuild.

"I think people will be extremely interested in having a look and being able to see back into the heart of their city," Ombler said.

Terralink International general manager Greg Huddleston said the firm took the footage using a van known as a "streetcam" equipped with six video cameras.

"We wanted to make sure we did our bit for the recovery process and obviously we have this equipment, so we wanted to use our asset."

The van was set up three years ago at a cost of about $400,000, he said.

The cameras recorded images every 3.5 metres.

The release of the footage was delayed slightly by the handover of power from Civil Defence to Cera.

Terralink International would use the van to take footage of some eastern suburbs this week.

The footage of the red zone can be viewed at

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