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Friday, May 13, 2011

Iwi questions lack of Shag Rock memorial consult

Iwi questions lack of Shag Rock memorial consult

Last updated 05:00 13/05/2011
Ngai Tahu is upset it was not consulted on a proposed memorial on Shag Rock before it was debated by politicians.

The proposed Sumner memorial would feature two plaques – one to remember those from the area who were killed in the February earthquake and the other to mark the work of rescue volunteers.

The proposal was submitted by Hagley-Ferrymead Community Board member David Cox, who said he wanted the damaged rock to be "left as nature has recreated it – no rebuilding it. It's there, it's changed, but it's still there," he said.

Ngai Tahu chairman Mark Solomon said Rapanui [Shag Rock] was a significant cultural marker for the iwi and there needed to be "serious dialogue" with Ngai Tahu.

Cox said: "It's between the iwi and the city council. The council has iwi-related people and they would follow that through."

Most residents he had spoken to supported the idea of recognising those who helped after the quake. "A lot of people, at no small sacrifice to themselves, whose own homes were damaged, were out working long hours to help people whose lives were irrecoverably harmed," he said. The community board has delayed a final decision.

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