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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sweating out the stress

Sweating out the stress

Last updated 05:00 10/05/2011
Christchurch fitness fans are finding new ways to get back into exercise routines after earthquake damage closed many gyms.

BodyFix co-owner Moana Williams said Christchurch's low exercise rates, revealed in a survey released yesterday, had a "hell of a lot to do with" the September and February quakes.

"There's a lot of people who haven't done anything because they've been so traumatised by their houses or their families."

The gym only opened last week, but Williams said there had been many inquiries from people who were unable to train at their normal fitness centres.

"People are trying to get back into a routine, but people are too scared to go too far from home really," she said.

"People want to get back to some form of normality – whatever that is."

Elite Fitness co-owner Sharon Kirk said their Sockburn store, which leases and sells fitness equipment, had "never been busier".

"We've had so many people wanting to purchase, wanting to hire ... we've had companies coming to us wanting to set up gear for people who can't get to their gyms."

Sales were down just after February's quake, but things were "definitely on the up".

Riccarton resident Sarah Clarke, 23, said her exercise routines had been disrupted after the Queen Elizabeth II Park Recreation and Sport Centre was badly damaged.

"When you go to the gym regularly, it's a bit of a shock to the system [to miss exercise routines]."

She usually went to the gym three or four times a week, but exercise was not a priority just after the quake.

She had recently started going to a new gym with work colleagues.

Clarke said restarting exercise had helped "boost everyone up".

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