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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Parker's parka pulls the public

Parker's parka pulls the public

Last updated 10:01 09/03/2011
Above: One of the post-quake's more surreal moments as Parker demonstrates how to use a chemical toilet.

A bidding war of sorts has broken out on Trade Me in one of the most unusual post-earthquake fundraisers - a duplicate of Mayor Bob Parker's parka.

The orange and black ensemble Parker wears is only one of two outside of Antarctic New Zealand and is made by Christchurch company Earth Sea Sky. Prime Minister John Key has the second.

Facing a groundswell of interest in the parker, Earth Sea Sky decided to make a third and list it on the online auction site, Trade Me.

There have now been 27 bid for the duplicate of Christchurch's most recognisable garment and, as of this morning bidder jagman3 was leading the auction with his bid of $4000.

In the meantime, the membership of a Facebook group dedicated to the parka - Bob Parker's Parka - was advancing towards 6000 fans this morning.

Parker will autograph the parka and will in turn receive all money raised by the auction to utilise in the rebuild of Christchurch.

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