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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Canterbury donates to Cathedral

Canterbury donates to Cathedral

Last updated 10:32 24/04/2011
From Canterbury in the UK to Canterbury in New Zealand - a donation of almost $230,000 has been made towards the cost of rebuilding the quake-damaged Christ Church Cathedral.

The Dean of the Christ Church Cathedral John Beck said Canterbury Cathedral, in Kent, had sent a letter of support along with the donation during Prince William's recent visit to Christchurch.

The funds came from personal donations made by individual members of Canterbury Cathedral's Appeal Committee.

Committee chairman Richard Oldfield said it was important to rebuild the broken icon of Christchurch.

"In the midst of our own large appeal for conservation we want to make a contribution to the vital rebuilding of Christ Church Cathedral, and send this donation with our sympathy and best wishes.

"While no one was trapped in the Cathedral after February's earthquake, the building itself was severely damaged by the collapse of its spire, a landmark in the city, and several parts of the roof."

The grant is being made through The Kent Community Foundation as a special service.

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