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Friday, April 29, 2011

More heritage for chop

More heritage for chop

Last updated 16:11 27/04/2011
Two more Christchurch heritage buildings have been earmarked for demolition.

A Christchurch City Council building treatment status report shows seven buildings in central city suburbs have been marked for demolition, including two heritage buildings.

The Windsor Hotel on Armagh St and a residential building on Pentlow Place, both hold heritage status and have been labelled for demolition.

The five non-heritage buildings that will be demolished are Theme Pro on Byron St, OPSM on Hereford St, Canterbury Music Planet on Tuam St and an unnamed building on Waltham Rd.

Three buildings on Worcester St, Gloucester St and Tuam St will be partially demolished.

The report also shows three heritage buildings need to be "made safe", these include the Cranmer Courts on Kilmore St, Chan's Café on London St and The Christchurch Club on Worcester Street.

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