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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Busy suburban bars warned

Busy suburban bars warned

Last updated 15:26 13/04/2011
Police are warning owners of licensed suburban bars to closely manage their premises as the number of people drinking in the suburbs continues to increase.

Patrols will be carried out by police in Papanui and Riccarton over the weekend, to ensure licensed premises are acting responsibly.

"Good host responsibility is critical to ensuring people keep safe while they are out drinking. Managing the amount of alcohol consumed is an important factor in reducing unruly behaviour or alcohol-related incidents," said Inspector Paul Fremaux.

He said it was important for owners to respect the host responsibility basics, which include serving alcohol responsibly and identifying and appropriately dealing with intoxication.

"Ensuring that intoxicated people aren't being served and that people who arrive at a bar intoxicated aren't admitted, as well as encouraging patrons to have a safe transport option home, are all key factors to patrons drinking safely," Fremaux said.

Ensuring suburban bars were not overcrowded was another responsibility that fell on the owners.

Police also had an expectation on those selling alcohol from off-licensed premises to act responsibly.

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