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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In step with 'different world'

In step with 'different world'

Last updated 05:00 13/04/2011
After seven weeks in hospital, a Christchurch earthquake survivor is ready to throw a party.

It will not be a celebration of Ann Brower's escape from a wrecked bus in Colombo St but a thank you to those who rescued her on February 22.

The Lincoln University lecturer suffered a broken leg and severed tendons in her hand and was believed to be the only survivor on the No3 bus after it was hit by rubble.

Brower yesterday left Burwood Hospital after her long recovery, including six weeks confined to her bed.

"I'm a bit sad to leave because I have enjoyed my stay, especially once I got my own room and was off bed rest," she said. "Those who complain about crutches have never been on bed rest, I can tell you that."

Brower's plans include a "rescue party" to catch up with those who helped save her life.

"There were a good 16 to 20 [helpers], but about six or seven main players," she said.

"There are the three construction workers who were the first on the scene and started clearing the rubble away, and when I started screaming, that brought the guys from the car dealership and a few others."

Rescuer Rob Green, who recovered Brower's bag and cellphone, rang her contacts and fielded calls from concerned family members and friends.

Many of the helpers and their families, some from as far as Ashburton, have visited her in hospital.

Brower recalls the bus rocking and bricks hitting the roof, but decided not to look back at the wreckage.

"I haven't had nightmares or anything, and when I remember it, I don't have a panic attack or anything," she said. "I was awake pretty much the whole time and I knew people were coming.

"[The rescuers] saw much worse than I did."

Brower last week saw the damage around her home suburb of Sumner.

"It's a different world I'm going home to," she said.

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