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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Last cars from Christchurch CBD being recovered

Last cars from Christchurch CBD being recovered

Published: 9:04AM Sunday April 10, 2011 Source: ONE News

Thousands of cars have been recovered from Christchurch's quake damaged CBD, and police are asking for the last owners who have not had their cars back to come forward.

Since the February 22 earthquake, 4,200 vehicles have been returned from within the central city cordon, which is around 99% of the total number.

Senior sergeant Bruce Adams said the remaining cars are the ones that are most difficult to get to.

"Some are in buildings that have structural damage so the ramps are not able to be used.

"A number are in a building that uses a lift system for the cars but as the building is in the CBD there is no electricity, the lift can't be operated and we have had to think about how to get around this.

"Some are in buildings that are damaged in parts but are ok in other parts, and some are in areas with quite a lot of flooding."

Adams said the operation has been complicated and expertise from a wide range of organisations has been used to retrieve the cars.

"This has taken a collective effort using the best brains of engineers, electricians, council staff, builders, defence staff, New Zealand rescue team, and New Zealand and Australian police to devise solutions for getting some of the cars out."

"It's certainly been an interesting and unusual job for police to be managing but really rewarding to be able to get owners reunited with their cars.

"Like most of us, lots of their important possessions were in those cars and they really need them to get around so it has been great to be able to do this."

Adams said police hold about 250 sets of car keys from owners still waiting for their car and owners are being asked to check the status of their vehicle on the police website .

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