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Friday, April 15, 2011

Lyttelton demolitions begin

Lyttelton demolitions begin

Efforts to recreate 'doomed to fail'

Last updated 13:48 15/04/2011
Lyttelton's iconic Volcano Cafe and Lava Bar was demolished this morning after being hit hard in February's earthquake.

Owner Peter Evans said last month that the building had moved more than 15 centimetres on its foundations.

There would be no attempt to recreate the Volcano, he said.

"I think its time has come and gone and it won't look like this building. Any efforts to try to recreate what was are doomed to failure."

Other key buildings on Lyttelton's main street are expected to be demolished by April 19. They are the Harbour Light Theatre, Empire Hotel and former No. 6 café.

Lyttelton Harbour Business Association chairman Andrew Turner said the demolitions would allow about 14 businesses to reopen or start recovery work for the first time since the quake.

"Whilst we're sorry to see the heritage buildings go, it has to happen and we'd rather see that happen sooner than later, " he said. "People just want their main street back so they can get back some normality."

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