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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nothing to do? Rock up to Club 22

Nothing to do? Rock up to Club 22

Last updated 05:00 08/04/2011
A new nightclub has opened in Christchurch ... in Papanui.

The Papanui Tavern at 22 Harewood Rd has been transformed in just a few weeks into a three-zone nightclub – Club 22 – by 20-year-old Liv Boot.

"About a week after the February earthquake, nothing was open. There was nothing to do and nowhere to go and I was just sitting around at home," Boot said.

"I wanted to make somewhere for people to go.

"If you're under 30, there's not a lot to do here any more and young people are leaving.

"All of Christchurch is in Club 22. We all went through the same thing.

"It's named both after the date of the earthquake and its address."

Backed by a team of 30 friends and family, the venue was overhauled, with state-of-the-art lighting systems and sound equipment installed.

"It was an old tavern and it needed a lot of love, but it was an empty lot and it had no earthquake damage," she said.

Determined to offer a female-friendly venue, admission is $5 for women and $22 for men. And you will not find a TV blaring sports in Club 22.

"I know it's steep for men but the reason behind that is simple. I want it to be a place where women can go, have a drink and dance and feel safe that drunks aren't going to be fighting all around them. We have bouncers, too.

"If men want to come into a club filled with 100 girls, well, that's just the price they have to pay."

Club 22 is separated into three zones – a dancefloor complete with DJ booth, a pool room and another area offering numerous large leather couches for chill-out moments.

The new venue has the capacity to hold 270 people.

Opening hours are Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8pm - 2am.


  1. I was denied access into this club last night because I am an ethnic minority. I feel that is wrong. I am a decent New Zealand citizen who does not drink alcohol so it puzzled me when the bouncers claimed that I looked "borderline" and that I was a risk to the establishment. This was about 8 pm on Friday.

    I do not expect this sort of carry on to occur in this day and age. Lots of people including the likes of Mandela have fought for equality so it is disappointing that such a thing can happen in a country like New Zealand. Very said indeed.

  2. i was denied access into this club, i am a 31yr old female who did have a bit too drink but the way i was treated was disgusting as i was thrown to the ground and pinned down in a police hold, i could not move and i was losing breath as i was crying for them to let me go as i could not breath. this was done by two of the bouncers at the door and they are grown man, where im only a small women. from them manhandling me i have a fracture finger bleeding knees, my hands were bleeding, and bruises to show on my arms and legs. i am a a mother of two girls and have a lovely family, i was lkn for a good nite out but im hurt tramitised by this, and sickens me to know that there are men who can be this sad and even lay a hand on a woman...let alone 2 of them!