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Friday, April 15, 2011

Sewage crisis not over

Sewage crisis not over

Last updated 16:31 15/04/2011
Residents throughout Christchurch are being urged to conserve water to protect the city's fragile sewerage system after a sewer pipe collapsed in Ferry Road yesterday.

Mayor Bob Parker said February's earthquake destroyed almost a third of the city's sewerage system, meaning everyone in Christchurch needed to limit their water use, not just those in the eastern suburbs.

"If everyone in Christchurch doesn't limit water use and toilet flushing, there's a big risk the sewerage system won't cope and won't be restored over the next year as scheduled."

Parker said if the wastewater plant in Bromley failed it would become a public health issue across the city.

"We know it might seem that in many areas things have returned to normal, but every single one of us has to realise that there is serious, unseen damage to our wastewater and water networks under our roads and streets and this is going to take time to repair," he said.

Residents are encouraged to limit shower times, flush toilets sparingly, use washing machines only when there is a full load and hand-wash dishes.

Watering gardens and washing cars is prohibited throughout the city and those living in the chemical toilet distribution area are required to use them, Parker said.

"Yesterday's sewer collapse in Ferry Road is not the first setback we will have.  Even if your area has escaped significant damage, every little bit you do to help reduce water use and wastewater will help the whole city."

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