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Monday, April 4, 2011

Temp Christchurch housing starts at $190 a week

Temp Christchurch housing starts at $190 a week

Last updated 05:00 05/04/2011
Earthquake-hit couples will have to pay at least $190 a week and a two-week bond to stay in Government-supplied campervans.

The Department of Building and Housing has placed more than 350 campervans at Canterbury Agricultural Park to provide temporary housing for up to 1800 people left homeless.

They are available from today, six weeks after the February 22 quake hit.

The department said yesterday that the weekly rent for the campervans would be $190 for two people, $271 for four people, and $337 for six people.

Campervan occupants would also have to pay a two-week bond and power costs, and be responsible for their contents insurance.

Portacabins will be available once the Government finds a supplier.

Waimakariri Labour MP Clayton Cosgrove called the charges "bizarre" and "more than over-the-top".

He called on the Government to release the analysis to justify the charges.

"Some of these families cannot just pluck $600 out of the air to get into a campervan ... you can't swing a cat in."

Department spokeswoman Merrill Coke said Christchurch market rent data was given to the ministers who decided the rental cost.

She said some people may qualify for temporary accommodation assistance or an accommodation supplement through the Ministry of Social Development.

The department said campervans and portacabins were being provided to give people breathing space to consider long-term housing options.

People can register for temporary accommodation by visiting Work and Income service centres, calling 0800 673227 or going online at

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