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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time capsules' contents revealed

Time capsules' contents revealed

'It reminds us of what we no longer have'

Last updated 12:45 12/04/2011

LATEST: Old newspapers, council documents and annual plans were today emptied from three time capsules discovered after February's earthquake.

The capsules were opened by Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker this afternoon at Canterbury Museum.

Two were found under the damaged statue of Irishman John Robert Godley in Cathedral Square in the weeks following the February 22 quake and have been in the care of Canterbury Museum for assessment and conservation work.

The statue of the "founder of Canterbury" was erected in 1867 in front of the Christ Church Cathedral, but was moved to another site near the cathedral in 1918 to make way for toilets and a tram shelter, both of which were later demolished.

The first capsule, a glass bottle, contained a vellum manuscript detailing the statue's move in 1918, while the second capsule, containing a larger sealed copper tube, was placed under the statue when it was moved back to its original site in 1933.

It contained newspapers of the day, including a copy of The Press dated April 29, 1933.

A third time capsule, consisting of a sealed tin box, was recently unearthed in the old Civic Building on Manchester St and was also opened today.

It contained newspapers, dating from 1922, along with a letter detailing Canterbury's history and a small blue book, titled "City of Christchurch, New Zealand 1922/23".

The book featured details of the city council and photographs of Christchurch and Lyttelton port.

"It reminds us of what we no longer have, but we'll have it again," Parker said.

The old documents would be copied and the time capsules would eventually be put back under the Godley statue with stories of the Christchurch earthquake added, he said.

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