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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wintry week pushes power network

Wintry week pushes power network

Last updated 15:21 05/04/2011
A taste of winter has sent power usage rocketing.

In central Christchurch the temperature dropped to 8 degrees Celsius over night, prompting the electricity usage to reach 74 per cent of its usual amount during winter.

The electricity usage reached 460 mega watts at 7pm yesterday and over the winter period it usually reaches 620 mega watts.

Orion chief executive Roger Sutton said he was concerned about the quake-stricken city's power supplies coping through winter.

"I am generally concerned  and we do have one or two small problems for winter, but there is nothing too significant," he said.

Residents living in the eastern suburbs should expect three to four power cuts over this winter, Sutton said.

"The power cuts will most only last for five hours, which isn't good but not nearly as bad as what we have seen since February 22."

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