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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Camera guards brass taps

Camera guards brass taps

Last updated 15:13 13/04/2011
An Aranui man has set up a CCTV camera devise to guard the taps on a community water tanker.

Ray Rarere thought he had seen it all until the brass taps on a 20,000 litre water tanker in Rowan Avenue went walkabout.

Forewarned, Rarere, who took charge of another 20,000-litre tank outside his Eureka Street property, mounted his own home-style CCTV system pointing directly at the taps on the mobile reservoir.

''You wouldn't believe it. They'll steal the brass taps off a tanker when we're all in the same bloody boat?'' he said.

The Eureka St tanker was first parked outside Wainoni School when Mr Rarere spotted an empty beer can on top, the remnant of what appeared to have been a one-man party.

He offered to take responsibility for the vital supply line to thwart the antisocial antics and it was moved up the street to outside his place.

Raewyn Bishop said she is glad Mr Rarere was looking out for the neighbourhood.

She was on her verandah ''enjoying coffee and a smoke'' when the February 22 quake hit.

Pinned under the top part of her toppled chimney, she suffered a cracked pelvis and soft tissue injury.

''Ray's been wonderful. He helps me and carries my supplies home for me,'' she said.

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