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Friday, April 1, 2011

Hope for traffic snarls

Hope for traffic snarls

Last updated 08:39 31/03/2011
Christchurch motorists are being urged to desert their cars as a raft of initiatives is released.

As part of a series of initiatives traffic controllers will be stationed on Glandovey Road, Fendalton, from this week to help ease traffic congestion at peak travel times.

Colin Knagg, NZTA State Highway Manager for Canterbury, says this is just one way the city's traffic congestion problem is being managed, but residents could also help.

"The greatest factor that will help ease Christchurch's current traffic congestion is people choosing to use alternative transport to cars. Even a modest increase in the number of people walking, cycling, car pooling and travelling by bus can make a big difference."

The traffic controllers will manage traffic to increase capacity on the Idris Road approach to Glandovey Road, resulting in fewer delays for southbound traffic in the morning and northbound traffic in the evening.

Drivers should expect to see traffic controllers with stop-go signs on Glandovey Road, about 30 metres before the Idris Road roundabout.

Police ask that drivers obey directives from the traffic controllers, even if there is no traffic queued at the roundabout ahead.

Drivers on the Idris Road approaches may proceed through the roundabout if there is traffic being held by the traffic controller to their right. However, if there is traffic waiting at the roundabout limit lines to the driver's right, they must follow standard road rules and give way to these vehicles. See the accompanying diagram.

Initially, traffic controllers will operate only at peak travel times in the morning and afternoon.

View the full list of initiatives:

View a map of initiatives (choose Traffic Management Initiatives layer):

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